Friday, December 11, 2015

What's Happening at ECV

Expecting Rescue
Last week, Josh kicked off our Advent series, suggesting that we frame our expecting Christ’s birth as a season of “Expecting Mercy.” Mercy is a lost art in our culture. And yet, in the story of the birth of Jesus, again and again Jesus’ birth is described as the arrival of God’s mercy. This week, Matt focuses on Mary’s response to the news that she is to give birth to the Savior of the world. It is more good news of God’s mercy as God’s rescue—join us!
Sprouts Craft Fair 
12/13 After the Service

This Sunday Sprouts is hosting their annual Craft Fair! This year, Sprouts and Roots are making baked goods and Christmas ornaments to sell in order to raise money for mosquito nets which will provide a safe home environment for families in Uganda (and other developing countries). So bring some cash to church on the 13th and look for the festive table in the back of the sanctuary. Lets help our amazing kids raise some funds for families around the world!
Christmas Carols
Tonight @ 5:30

This month our worship pastor Tina will be coordinating Christmas caroling in the neighborhoods of East Rock and Newhalville as a way to bless the residents and businesses of our city.
Join Tina and a crew of others tonight as they carol through District 7. They will meet at Cafe Romeo at 5:30 and work their way over to 84 Mansfield where Eoin and Tracie's Christmas party will be underway. If you are interested in joining in & spreading the good cheer through caroling, contact, (475) 355-0427.
Christmas Services at ECV

This year, we will hold a joint Christmas Eve service with First and Summerfield's congregation at 5pm in the Sanctuary. We will sing carols, read scripture, and give thanks for God presence in our lives.

The Sunday following Christmas, at 4pm, we will continue our Advent celebrations by having a Spontaneous Christmas Pageant in the Sanctuary with the whole church, including Sprouts!

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