Friday, November 6, 2015

What's Happening at ECV

The Work of the Church
This Fall, we began by investigating The Big Story of God and us. For the past five weeks, we explored the roles that Jesus plays in our lives. This Sunday, we start a new series on the Church. What exactly is the church and how does it continue the work of Jesus, specifically his role in the healing of the world? To do this, we will look at the church through four perspectives: army, school, hospital, and family. These four ways begin to piece together the fullness of what the church is called to do. Come Sunday to hear Josh share more about the work of the church.

Working Through Lament
11/14 4pm @ FSUMC

ECV is hosting a follow up event to the Veritas Forum called "Working Through Lament". It's happening Saturday, November 14th, 4pm at FSUMC. This event will be focused on helping people get to the heart of matters of racism and injustice by processing the feelings and experiences we have, are afraid to have, or don't even know how to have. All are welcome to both events, so don't hesitate to invite your friends! 

Movie at the Powell's
11/7 at 3:30

This Saturday the Powell's are hosting a family friendly movie event. Come out to the Powell's home at 398 Whalley Ave. 3rd floor to watch the Pixar movie Inside Out! All are welcome to join whether or not you have kids, are a kid, or just really love Inside Out. RSVP to Shyla and feel free to email her with any questions. We hope to see you there.

Prayer Ministry Training
11/8 6:00-7:30p

Want to practice hearing God and discerning His voice in community? Join us this Sunday for a prayer training focusing on praying for others. This training will cover how to bless, heal, and promote freedom through prayer ministry. The prayer ministry team plays an important role in the life of our community and if you are interested in joining that team, come to this training. Dinner is provided. RSVP to Josh

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