Thursday, October 15, 2015

What's Happening at ECV

Jesus as Priest
Is there something that you don't have access to now that you'd like to have or experience? This week, we'll explore what it's like to yearn for that kind of access. Does Jesus play a role in that? The last two weeks, we've talked about Jesus as a friend and truth teller. This week, Jim Rolf will talk about Jesus as a priest, one who gives us access. Access to what or to whom? Come on Sunday to find out.
Management Team Meetings
Listen in District 7

Management Team meetings are organized in each of New Haven's ten community policing districts and anyone with an interest in the quality of life in their district may attend. They provide a place for residents to talk about concerns and have a voice in neighborhood improvement and revitalization efforts. District 7 has two different meetings to cover Newhallville (10/27 @ 6pm) and East Rock (10/26 @ 7pm). Visit this website for locations. Save those dates, come and listen, and be apart of these conversations. Email Laura with questions.
Sharing Our Stories

As a church, we've worked through The Big Story and we're right in the middle of exploring Jesus and the ways that he approaches us. I hope this has provided rich avenues to experience God and to explore faith. The staff would love to hear any stories of what God has been up to through teaching series, homegroups, times of prayer and worship, and the rest of our lives!
At ECV, we believe storytelling is critical to encouraging one another and revealing more of who God is and what He's up to in ECV and New Haven. Given that, please share a story of God's work in your life. E-mail 
or one of the staff. We want to join you in celebrating God's work in your life and to find ways for you to share that story, if interested.
Vineyard Justice Network
Pray for the Conference

the Vineyard Justice Network conference is happening October 16-17 in Raleigh, NC. The forum will be focused on practical and compassionate ways for churches pursuing The Justice of God’s Kingdom to take on the issue of ending poverty. This conference is close to ECV’s heart not only because of our vision for justice to come to New Haven, but also because the founder of VJN is Kathy Maskell, one of the co-planters of ECV. Please pray for those that are attending the conference that it would be an empowering, encouraging, and enlightening experience. 

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