Thursday, September 10, 2015

What's Happening at ECV

The Broken World
On Sunday, Josh started a new teaching series called “The Big Story,” during which we’re exploring some intuitions we have about the world and what they might tell us about the “big story” that the Bible tells about where we’ve been and where we’re headed. Josh kicked us off by reflecting on our intuition that, somewhere deep down, the world is (or was?) beautiful and that we have a responsibility to it: the first “act” of the story, Creation. This week, Matt tackles another intuition we may share: the world, though once beautiful, is profoundly broken. It’s the second “act” of the story. And we have to ask ourselves: Is the brokenness just “out there” or is it also “in here,” within our very selves?
Snacks on the Green
9/13 after the service

This Sunday, after the service, we are going to go across the street (corner of College and Elm) to enjoy our snacks on the New Haven Green. We will have games set up for everyone to enjoy along with an informal time of meet and greet. Come for the service and stay to get to know new people and enjoy one of New Haven's great parks. email Laura with questions.
9/20 after the service

Next Sunday, after the service, we are having a potluck. Come hungry and ready to spend quality time meeting new people!
Wondering what to bring? 
The Breakdown:  
Last names beginning with A-J Hot Main Dish or Side Dish
Last names beginning with K-S Salad or Soup
Last names beginning with T-Z Dessert or Drink 
If you are visiting, just bring yourself!

Homegroups are starting this week! We meet in homes throughout the city and there are options for all nights of the week. These are great spaces for going deeper with one another, prayer, and challenging conversations.
Weather you are just trying church out for the first time, or you have been following Jesus for years, you are welcome at our homegroups. Visit our HomeGroups Page for details.

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