Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What's Happening at ECV

Re-imagining the World
On Sunday, Josh invited us to consider the freeing way of faith as an alternative to the constriction of living under the law. Listen to that talk here. Next week, Josh will share how God’s vision of faith and trust overcome rules and systems to the very core of the “elementary principles of the world.” Just like our own personal lives, this re-making of the world will require an incredible re-imagining of the world as we know it. Come and see what this will mean for you and our world on Sunday.

Summer Bible Study
Wednesdays @ 8pm

This summer, we are taking time to explore Galatians in-depth and in community through our current teaching series and an accompanying bible study. As rhythms change in the summer, this is a great way to go deeper with God and with one another as we focus on a text. Galatians is a short, but dense letter. Come and help us unpack what God is saying through it. The Bible Study takes place Wednesdays at 8pm at 47 Dyer St

Management Team Meeting
tonight @ 6:30
150 Edgewood Ave.

Community Management Teams meetings are organized in each of New Haven's ten community policing districts and anyone with an interest in the quality of life in their district may attend. Dwight/Kensington's meeting takes place the first Tuesday of every month and is open to the public. They provide a place for residents to talk about concerns and have a voice in neighborhood improvement and revitalization efforts.  Come and listen and be apart of the conversation tonight at the Dwight Police Substation. email Laura with questions.
Dwight/Kensington Prayer walk
7/11 @ 10:30

July will be our last month in Dwight/Kensington for the New Haven Neighborhood Challenge. Join us this saturday for a prayer walk through the neighborhoods of Dwight/Kensington. We will meet at 66 Kensington St at 10:30 to walk around the neighborhood and listen to what God is saying about this district in New Haven. 

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