Wednesday, July 22, 2015

What's Happening at ECV

What is Freedom For?
On Sunday, Matt described the ways we get hoodwinked in to trying to produce what God has promised us as a gift; check it out here. Jesus sets us free from the various enslaving achievement schemes that keep us from living into our identity as children of God. This week, Matt takes us to the climax of Paul’s letter to the Galatians as we learn what that freedom is for.

Kensington BBQ
7/25 @ 12

As the month of July begins to wind down so does our time in Dwight/Kensington. As a way to celebrate God's continued work in this place we are going to have a party in the neighborhood! Join us this Saturday for a BBQ at 167 Edgewood. Come at 11 for a chance to cool off at the Kensington Splash Pad (across from 32 Edgewood) then head over to the BBQ at 12 to enjoy some delicious food. please bring what ever meat you want to grill and something to share. email Laura with questions.

Summer Bible Study

This summer, we are taking time to explore Galatians in-depth and in community through our current teaching series and an accompanying bible study. As rhythms change in the summer, this is a great way to go deeper with God and with one another as we focus on a text. Galatians is a short, but dense letter. Come and help us unpack what God is saying through it. The Bible Study takes place
Wednesdays at 8pm at
47 Dyer St
Going Deeper

As we continue to go deeper in our 'A Mature Freedom' series, the staff decided to put together relevant songs for meditation and personal worship, if so desired. Check out the playlist here and feel free to suggest other songs to Laura. Additionally, the prayer team wants to make themselves available if you have sensed that you'd benefit from a greater time of prayer ministry surrounding issues of freedom in your life. Contact Josh if you'd like to arrange that. Let's pray that God would continue to set us free.

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