Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What's Happening at ECV

Miracle Work

April 25th - 26th

Life with a Living God: Miracle Work is a dynamic conference that engages the question: is it possible to be "down to earth" and to pursue God's invitation to heal, to free, and to be a people responsive to His voice?  Can such a grand invitation ever feel right for our everyday lives?  Let's take some time to be with God and learn more about how to "do the Kingdom."  No matter where you are with God, this is an invitation to take risks and to explore more what it means to see God's Kingdom come in our lives in the here and now. For complete details and to register visit the registration page.


Jordan Seng, Lead Pastor of Bluewater Mission

Jordan Seng is the lead pastor of Bluewater Mission, a creative, justice-oriented church in Honolulu, and the author of Miracle Work:  A Down-to-Earth-Guide to Supernatural Ministries.  He has ministered broadly through teaching, healing, prophecy and church-planting for twenty years, and has led training conferences and seminars for every major Christian denomination and numerous para-church and missions organizations in America, Europe, Latin America, Asia and the Caribbean. He holds a degree in political theory from Stanford University, a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago, and was a National Security Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

Ministry Team

Robin Morrison

Also joining us will be Robin Morrison, a long-time friend of ECV from southern California who hears from God in really specific, really powerful ways. Many in our communities have been blessed by having him listen to God on our behalf. Ask around a bit and you're bound to run into someone who has a powerful God story that involves Robin. Come to the conference to get your own.

Conference Schedule
April 25th-26th

$15 in advance
$20 at the door

Friday 7:30pm - Prophecy
10am-12 - Power Equation
3:30-5:30pm - Healing
7:30pm - Deliverance

Jordan will also be with us on Sunday to give a talk on how our weekend journey shapes the rest of our lives as an integrated "Supernatural People", people who are countercultural as a mark of the Kingdom's work in us.

For complete session descriptions and to register visit the registration page. 

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