Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Thing @ 426 Prospect #6

Quick Reminder: This Thursday evening (7:30pm @ 426 Prospect #6) for our Thursday of Awesomeness, we're continuing our mini-series on the "One Thing." The first session went really well—lots of good questions, lots of things to chew on… So, by all means, even if you missed the first, come join the conversation.

The idea is to talk about how we can live our lives in an integrated way—as one thing, instead of so many disparate pieces. The hope is that as we learn to integrate our lives, our schedules, our ways of thinking and talking, we'll be in a better place individually and collectively to interact constructively with all the various folks in our lives about what it means for us to follow Jesus. So come join me (Matt) and Josh for some teaching, conversation and prayer along these lines this Thursday (7/9), 7/23, and 7/30 at 7:30 at 426 Prospect.

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