Friday, July 3, 2009

Fireworks in the City, Evening of July 4th

Fireworks in the City
9pm, July 4th
Meet at Ikea Front Entrance (closest to Long Wharf)

New Haven’s firework celebration is happening tomorrow (Saturday) at 9pm at Long Wharf Park.  Join people from our city to gather and celebrate the holiday.  We’ll be meeting at 9pm in front of Ikea’s main entrance.  It’s the one closest to Long Wharf itself.  Here’s more some details from a great local New Haven blog:  

FYI, I found the blog googling SIIIRL (Summer Institute on Islam, Intercultural Relations, and Leadership), a program run by some of our church members.  You can simply e-mail the editor and get your events published on the main site.  Helpful tip for us as we continue to build relationships with the city.  See you around this weekend!

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