Monday, July 27, 2009

Moving Forward in Life with a Living God

As we announced yesterday, please come join us this evening at 7:30pm at 180 Colony Road (Caleb & Kathy's place) for a conversation on moving forward in life with a Living God.

God's been at work in our community, stretching us in how we think about and practice healing the sick in Jesus' name, hearing from God, proclaiming deliverance from spiritual oppression, and other practical realities of God's presence and power in the world. Many of us have had powerful encounters with God and with one another in these areas at the conference last weekend, in the service last Sunday and in the relational trickle-down since.

How do we make sure that we continue to lean on God's present and powerful reality in our lives and in our life together as a community? What's exciting about that? What's challenging about that? What's still got you scratching your head about all this stuff? This evening will be a time for folks invested in ECV to ask these questions and prayerfully work towards leading our community forward into the things God has for us. So, please, come join us!

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