Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Culture Center Summit

Cambridge, MA
August 13-16 (starts Thursday evening @ 7:30pm)
Registration due THIS Friday (7/31) at NOON (scroll down for registration info)

As you heard about on Sunday, THIS Friday (7/31) at noon is the deadline to sign-up to come to the Culture Center Summit hosted by the Greater Boston Vineyard.

Hannah and I went last year and it was a great opportunity to learn from and connect with other folks chasing after Jesus in places like New Haven: urban, culture-making centers with predominantly post-Christian, secular mindsets. The talks were phenomenal; the times of ministry were powerful. The only bummer for Hannah and me was not having more ECV people along to process, ask critical questions, and think about what God might be leading us to do in our particular context.

So, come and join us this year; we've got a good little crew of ECVers coming together; it should be a blast.


Dates: Thursday, 8/13, 7:30pm through Sunday, 8/16, sometime (we'll probably bounce a bit early to be back for church and stuff…)
Conference fee: $75/person. DO NOT let cost keep you from coming. Pay what you can and come to the conference. (Note: meals and housing are NOT included.)

Register by emailing me the following info that the registration site requires (and I will register us together as a group so we get the group rate) by 7/31 at NOON:
  • Name
  • Address
  • Age (?!)
  • Phone Number
  • Track (below) that you plan on attending (Pastoral, Worship & the Arts, Laity)
From the folks up in Boston:
This year's conference is focused on the practical side of actually living out vibrant, "centered-set" faith. In addition to the main speakers, each participant will sign up for one of three tracks consisting of 4 separate breakout sessions in the morning and afternoon. The tracks are as follows:
  • PASTOR TRACK -- Led by Dave Schmelzer and Charles Park, this track is geared specifically towards to pastors and church leaders around the specifics of leading a centered-set church. Topics of discussion will include: centered-set preaching, language choices, structure of a service, and structure of a church.

  • WORSHIP & THE ARTS -- Led by Christopher Greco, Casey Corum, and David Linhart, this track is geared specifically towards worship leaders, artists, and musicians. Topics of discussion will include: centered-set worship, the role of worship within the larger service and different models of approaches, personnel and resources -- recruiting, equipping, resourcing and pastoring different teams, recording, gigging, and running art events.

  • LAITY -- Led by Brian Housman, Val Snekvik, and several others, this track is geared towards those interested in pursuing vibrant faith in their own great, secular places. Topics of discussion will include: having vibrant relationships with those around you by crossing the moat, living out centered-set faith in your area, praying for your six, tips on having great faith conversations, running SEEK, running a Leap of Faith, and other practical ways to pursue a life of vibrant faith.

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