Monday, July 20, 2009

Conversation on Poverty and Homelessness

Conversation on Poverty and Homelessness
79 Maple Street #1
7pm TONIGHT (7/20/09)

There are around 1200 homeless people in New Haven every night.  We see some of them.  Others remain invisible.  The economic disparity in the New Haven area is the 7th greatest in this nation.  Can we be united?

We are champions of our city.  We desire fullness and health.  We want to be able to answer the question of "What is the meaning of this City?"  We want that answer to give life to ourselves and others.

We are trying to help our city with its issues of poverty and homelessness.  Tonight, we hope to partner with others so we can labor alongside other workers in this city.  Come here folks talk about giving food on the green and developing authentic community, relationship building and resource sharing at a local homeless shelter, and providing community wholeness and development for a splintered city. 

We want to learn to serve our city better.  Please come and provide your experiences, comments, and questions.  See you tonight.

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