Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Life with a Living God Conference THIS Friday and Saturday!

Life with a Living God: A Practical Workshop on the Holy Spirit and the Christian Life

July 17-18 at United Church on the Green
  • July 17th, 7 pm-10 pm
  • July 18th, 9 am-10 pm
  • $20 / person if cost is a problem, give what you can. if cost is not an issue, please give $20
  • childcare provided on both days
Jordan and Sonya Seng
Bluewater Mission, Hawaii
Robin Morrison
Anaheim Vineyard

The focus will be on hearing from God, life in the power of the Holy Spirit, and following Jesus against the odds.

There will be practical teaching from scripture, lots of great stories, and plenty of time for prayer and listening to God.

We have some wonderful (not to mention massively gifted) folks coming out to facilitate this meeting, including Jordan and Sonya Seng (pastors of Bluewater Mission, Hawaii) and Robin Morrison (prophetic guy from Anaheim Vineyard).

email info@elmcityvineyard.org


We have four sessions: Friday Night (7-10) and Saturday (9-11:30, 2-4:30, 7-10).

All of the sessions will be led by our team, and will have Jordan Seng as the main speaker. Jordan is a dear friend with whom we have done much ministry. His bio is below:
Jordan Seng, the pastor of Bluewater Mission, has been engaged in teaching, healing and prophetic ministry, worship, small groups, missions and church planting for the last twenty years. Before helping to begin Bluewater Mission, he served for four years in the Presbyterian church and about 16 in the Vineyard association of churches. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Theory from the University of Chicago. He and his wife Sonya have two children.
All of the meetings will have plenty of time for prayer for folks, as well as worship and childcare.

There are no breakout sessions...we will all be together the whole time. Each session will be devoted to a different aspect of life with a living God (hence the title of the conference ;-)), with a focus on practical empowerment for average folks. As it stands now, we will have a session on the power of the Holy Spirit, a session of hearing from God/prophecy, a session on healing, and a wildcard session. We are being a little bit flexible on the sessions, so that we can flow with whatever God seems to be doing with our group.

We do not expect a huge crowd... I would guess fifty or so... it will be accessible, human-size, practical, and powerful. We hope you can make it.

download the flyer by clicking here


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