Tuesday, February 9, 2016

What's Happening at ECV

This is True Religion
What is true religion? Is it intricate rituals we need to master to get closer to God? Scripture speaks differently about true religion. The witness of scripture cries out: True religion looks like loosening the chains of injustice, sharing your bread with the hungry, not turning away from your own flesh and blood. Yet we see in Isaiah 58, God is not against practices of religion: Sabbath, fasting, tithing, etc. God is simply tired of empty practices. During Lent, we will take time to confess our empty practices and take up emulating the life of Jesus, someone who loved God and loved people - even at a cost. This is true religion. Come and explore more this Sunday as Josh opens our Lenten series.
Ash Wednesday
2/10 @ 5:30p at FSUMC

Lent begins tomorrow!
Lent is an ancient season in the church calendar marking an intentional time to connect with God while remembering Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.

One special way we'll meet God and begin Lent together is through a family-friendly Ash Wednesday service that focuses on our need to turn towards God. This service will take place tomorrow at 5:30pm in the First and Summerfield sanctuary.

Continuing to Sing
With our series on Daniel over, let's celebrate how God has met us. God has called us beloved. God has promised His Spirit to help us be creative partners to our neighbors. God has given us obedience to face any trial. God forms us in our powerlessness. God moved tremendously this past Sunday to assure us of these promises. Let's thank Him for it. If you have a story of what God did on Sunday or through this series, please email 
so we can help tell each other the stories of God's work in our lives.
Sunday Lent Dinners

During the Season of Lent, we will be sharing simple meals together after service on Sundays. Through these dinners, we hope to build better community and friendships and the sharing of simple meals gives us an opportunity to stand in solidarity with those who have less than us. So join on Sunday for community meals and be sure to bring your friends.
If you would like to help out with these dinners or if you have a simple meal that you would like to share with our community, email Laura.

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