Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What's Happening at ECV

Learning from our
This Sunday, Tony Kriz, author of, among other books, Neighbors and Wise Men, will be preaching on learning from our neighbors and encountering Jesus in unexpected places. In addition to his Sunday sermon, Tony will also be facilitating a discussion at 8pm on the third floor of the Af-Am House (211 Park St) on how best to see what God is up to not just in the Church, but in our friends, our neighbors, our city, and our world. So join us at 4pm at Elm & College and again at 8pm at 211 Park St!

Following Jesus as a Secular Progressive

Can a non-religious person follow Jesus? What would it look like to build a life around following Jesus? This moderated dialogue between two friends—secular author and USA Today columnist, Tom Krattenmaker, and Christian author and speaker, Tony Kriz—aims to break down divisions that make Jesus the exclusive property of religious folks and open up space for an "interfaith" conversation about what it might look like to cultivate a flourishing life shaped by Jesus. The event is Monday, April 27th, 7:30pm in Linsly-Chittenden Hall - Room 102 (63 High St). Reserve your free tickets here.

New Haven Neighborhood challenge

Ready for a challenge? The New Haven Neighborhood Challenge is an ECV effort that comes from the call to Open Our Eyes. As we have seen more from God, our call to go out into the city has gotten clearer and stronger. Every month, ECV will go into a neighborhood in New Haven to play - hang out and have fun in the selected neighborhood; spend - use our money to invest in the neighborhood from groceries, haircuts, and laundry; and listen - to hear someone's story. This month's neighborhood is Dwight/Kensington. The goal is for every one in our community to do all three actions - play, spend, and listen - during the month of April! Get involved! Share this as a HG, invite people on the community list, and have fun getting to know more of our great city.

Check out the website for the challenge here, including an interactive spreadsheet that we can use to help track cool activities in the neighborhood.

Budget update meeting
4/26 6pm @ FSUMC

Thanks so much for your generous support of ECV! It is because of your investment in ECV, we are able to pursue the things God has called us to in our church, our city, and around the world. To find out more about how we invest our money at ECV and how you can participate in supporting God's work through the church, join us this Sunday for a Budget update with the board and Elders. We will share an update on this years finances, dreams from staff and elders of where we're going next and what it costs, and even a budget worksheet for participants to add there own ideas and share their priorities. The meeting will be this Sunday at 6pm downstairs after the service.

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