Wednesday, November 5, 2014

What's Happening at ECV

New Series

Last Sunday, we began our new teaching series, Jesus in All Tribes: A Journey through Acts. The book of Acts explores how the early disciples learn to follow the Holy Spirit, God's very presence, and deal with the growing diversity in their movement without Jesus physically leading them anymore. It's an ancient story with present day applications. During this series, we pay special attention to the role ethnicity plays in the community of Acts, at ECV, and beyond. Listen to the series opener here and come on Sunday as Josh shares about the first ethnic conflict in the early church (Acts 6) and what we can learn from it.

Building Update

Get ready to celebrate! After weeks of searching, ECV has found a new location! Come to church this week for the big reveal. Please be sure to mark your calendars: 11/16 will be our last Sunday at Trinity Lutheran Church. Thank you so much for praying, fasting, and offering practical suggestions throughout this process. The staff and the elders are extremely grateful for your patience and partnership.


Baptism is an ancient ritual that signifies a public declaration of faith. In our most recent series, we saw the many ways that Jesus invites us into a new story through him. If you are interested in baptism as a way to mark that new story for the first time or for the first time as an adult, please contact Josh for more information.

Speaking Truth 
Saturday November 8
 We believe that speaking truth to someone about who they are is powerful, and can spark change. We are having a prayer in the streets event, offering prayer in New Haven, while emphasizing the opportunities we have to speak truth to others.

Meet on the steps of TLC at 1:30pm.

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