Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What's Happening at ECV?

Being Church

Summer Teaching Series
Last week, George Black continued our series in Corinthians. We took a closer look at Gifts and their roles in the Body. Paul suggests that we discern together, and work together using our gifts to receive the Mind of Christ. So then, when we gather, how do we apply this? What is God saying to our community?This Sunday as we continue our Being Church series, Josh Williams will be talking about the church's work of "translation" - humans hearing from God and translating His words to our Body.  Then we will try it out!

Picnics in the Park

2nd & 4th Wednesdays
4:00-7:00 pm

Bring something to grill or a simple picnic dinner, play basketball, get wet in the water park, swing in the playgrounds, or just hang out with others in the ECV family. All are welcome, so bring some friends and neighbors to join the fun. The park is on the corner of Ashmun and Webster Streets newar Yale Health Center.


Summer Bible Study

Thursdays @ 8:00 pm
47 Dyer Street

Paired with the summerSunday teaching series, Matt will be leading a mid-week bible study covering the parts of the letter from which thenext Sunday's teaching will draw. There's too much in each week's passage to fit in a Sunday talk, so if you really want to dig in and follow the whole flow of the letter, join us Thursday nights. The study will be both intentionally accessible to those new to the bible and/or new to faith and also rich for those who've spent a lot of time studying scripture, so come check it out and invite a friend!

Kingdom Café

Friday, July 25th

The Kingdom Cafe is an open mic outreach event to provide a safe space for the youth of New Haven to express themselves through poetry and song.
Ways you can help:
-Bake something great for the kids to eat
-Help with set up, break down and pre-event prayer (be there at 3pm)
-Come and interacting with the kids that are present
-Present a piece of art (poem, drawing, song)
-Invite teenagers that you know
Contact George to get involved.

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