Wednesday, January 29, 2014

What's Happening at ECV

When Strategy is Your Enemy
Last Sunday, Josh continued our teaching series on the life of Abraham which we're calling "Waiting Well." This Sunday, Matt looks at our tendency to strategize instead of wait. When are we tempted to make our own plan instead of trust God's plan—in God's time? And, if and when we do go off-track, what is God's response? Does God endorse our alternative plans? Abandon us because we took a wrong turn? Join us as we continue the story of Abraham and consider what it means to wait well.

Artist Circle

Monday, February 3rd
546 Chapel St.

Are you a Writer? Songwriter? Painter? Poet? Sculptor? Photographer? Musician? Designer?
Join us Monday night. Bring one piece of art to share with the circle, as well as any instruments or supplies you need to do some creating on the spot. That simple!

Society of Vineyard Scholars

Call for Papers
Submission Deadline
February 3rd

Birthed out of ECV, the Society of Vineyard Scholars has become an international movement of scholars working for the sake of the Church. We gather each year for three days of scholarship, worship, and community. This year, we're in Columbus, OH, April 3-5. You should come. And you should submit a paper to present. For more info, talk to Matt and check out the call for papers.

ECV City Initiative 

February 9th
downstairs after SundayGathering

ECV is a community of dreamers who want to make an impact on our city in big and small ways.  Two Sundays from now we are going to use the principles of community organizing to assess what change ECVers desire to bring about in New Haven and how our community can be a part of that transformative work.  Come with dreams and questions as we engage in conversation and activities about how to seek the peace of our city.

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