Monday, April 9, 2012

This week at ECV: 4/9-4/15

Artist Circle
Are you a Writer? Songwriter? Painter? Poet? Sculptor? Photographer?
Musician? Designer?
Join us Monday night - 7:00pm at 546 Chapel St. Bring one piece of art to share with the circle, as well as any instruments or supplies you need to do some creating on the spot. That simple!

Eastern Crop
Calling all songwriters! The Vineyard churches in the region are accepting submissions of original songs for a CD compilation they're putting together. The CDs are going to be given away at the regional conference this summer, July 10-13. More information on the requirements and the process can be found here, but please note the submission deadline has been extended to April 16th. Leon Powell has offered to help with song recording. Talk with Leon, Juliet, or contact Tina for more information.

Lent Stories
As you look back at the Lenten season, where did you encounter God? Did you meet God in the pages of the Bible Guide? Did you see Him moving in the lives of your six? Did you experience Jesus speaking into your life through a particular talk or witness a miracle in your life? Whatever it may be, we'd love to hear your story! Take a few minute to reflect on that time, then write up your experience and send it to You can keep your story confidential, or let us know if you would be willing to share it with the church.

Baptism is a way to publicly share your commitment to following Jesus. If you are a follower of Jesus and have never been baptized, please contact Matt to talk more about participating in ECV's spring baptism as a way to take the next step in your life of faith.

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