Monday, April 2, 2012

This week at ECV: 4/2-4/8

This Week
  • Gender and Sexuality Discussion: Monday, April 2 @ 8:00pm, 47 Dyer Street
  • Foot Care Clinic: Thursday, April 5 @ 1:00, Trinity Episcopal
  • Good Friday Service: Friday, April 6 @ 6pm, Af-Am house MP room
The Scoop

Gender and Sexuality Discussion: Join Matt and other leaders of ECV to continue discussing the topics presented during our last two Sunday gatherings: gender and sexuality. Bring your questions, musings, and insights regarding how we have been formed by love in these deeply personal ways. Monday, April 2nd at 47 Dyer Street (Matt & Hannah's house), 8pm.

Maundy Thursday Foot Care Clinic: located behind Trinity Episcopal
Church (230 Temple Street), 1:00 -3:00pm. Foot care is a critical issue for those living on the streets. We will have medical staff to perform foot examinations in addition to foot washing as a way to bless the homeless community. We are also distributing socks and shoe vouchers. You can help by volunteering to serve lunch, manage the line, wash feet, support feet washing stations, or distribute socks and issue shoe vouchers. Contact if you're interested in helping.

Good Friday Service: Please join us for our ECV Good Friday service at Yale's Afro-American Cultural Center. There will be scripture reading and time for reflection on the significance of Jesus' death. Childcare will be provided. The building is located at 211 Park St. The building is set off the street a little bit, so you'll need to walk down the sidewalk (as though headed toward York St), to gain access to the building. Click here for a map.

On Deck
  • Artist Circle: Monday, April 9 @ 7:00, 546 Chapel Street *** Notice the change to the second week of the month - for this month only. ***
  • Eastern Crop: A song writing contest to provide the opportunity for songwriters to have their songs reach beyond their local church. Visit Submission Details for more information. You can also talk with Leon, Juliet, and Song submissions due April 16th.

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