Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sacred Text Reading Thursday (3/17) @ 7:30pm

Sacred Text Reading
Thursday, 3/17, 7:30pm
@ 810 Elm St (home of John & Jen Hartley)

Our friends at Pathways for Mutual Respect have invited members of ECV and Masjid Al-Islam to engage in a series of sacred text readings, the first few of which have been great successes. This month we will be digging deeper into the topic of forgiveness.

The basic structure will involve a reading from the Qur'an with some explanation from a leader at Masjid Al-Islam, a reading from the New Testament with some explanation from a leader from ECV, with the majority of time reserved for conversation in mixed small groups.

It seems to me that in looking to love and bless the Muslim community here in New Haven, a good place to start is in establishing understanding and conversation in dialogue with the texts in which we encounter God.

So, let me encourage you to come and join the conversation Thursday evening. We will be meeting at the Hartleys' place at 810 Elm St. I look forward to seeing you there.