Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent @ ECV Starts THIS SUNDAY (3/13)

As I announced last week, this coming Sunday, 3/13, we'll be kicking off the season of Lent here at ECV.

Over the past couple years, many of us have found that this season has been a really valuable time of (re)connecting with a God who is real and at work in our lives—lots of answered prayers and transformative encounters with God in scripture.

This year, we'll again be taking some specific steps to invest in life with God: daily Bible readings from the life of Moses, some specific prayer challenges, and a teaching series on Spiritual Practices.

I'm especially excited about what God will do through our consideration of spiritual practices. Each teaching will have specific challenges—specific "experiments" we can engage regardless of where we are on our faith journey. So, if you're someone who is still trying to figure out who God is or whether God is or whatnot, this will be a great season to come and experiment with us. Or if you know someone who's in that boat, this would be a great time to invite them.

Remember, it all kicks off this Sunday, 3/13.

Let's dig in.

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