Wednesday, June 16, 2010

*NEW & IMPROVED* ECV Sunday School - Teacher Sign-Ups!

***Sign-Up to Teach ECV Sunday School!*** (Click Link to Google Form Here)

First of all - Thanks so all who have dedicated their time to loving our kids and teaching them to become ever-growing followers of Jesus!

If you were at church last Sunday, you may have heard Tom Sharp give a stirring announcement about this already, but starting THIS July (in a few weeks!), we are excited to announce a huge "upgrade" to how we hope to teach our children on Sundays!

Since the start of this church, we have been continually trying to find the best ways to love and teach our children about following Jesus (while also keeping in mind that our church is still growing!) - So, this July, we will be introducing a *NEW & IMPROVED* Children's Ministry program, which will feature a more stable and consistent children's program with exciting worship, prayer, kid's offering, opportunities to learn more about ECV partners & missions, character studies in the Bible, scripture memorization, and much, much more!

What does this mean for us? Rather than rotating teachers & helpers on a weekly basis - in order to create stability, consistency, and support for our children, we are instead asking you to prayerfully consider committing to teaching at one-month intervals (you can even sign up for MORE than one month this year!) - You will be teaching on a team of 3 teachers (one for each age group), who will work together to plan exciting lessons based on a curriculum that will engage the kids and also teach them more about prayer, ministry, and following Jesus! (It's OK if you can't teach the entire month, if you have to miss a week or so, then we will work out a system of substitutes as well...)

So, maybe you're thinking, I'm interested... What should I do NOW?- Sign-up to be a Sunday School Teacher! You can even choose the main age range you want to work with! Try it out for a month! (Our kids are irresistibly adorable!) - We are also especially encouraging you to sign up in the next few months (July - September), if possible (As extra incentive - there is air-conditioning downstairs!)

To sign up to teach Sunday School: Fill out the following Google Form (Click Here for Link)

Hope you can join us in continuing to love and teach our children on Sundays!

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