Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ECV Community BBQ--TOMORROW(6/17)!!

Hey Everyone!

As was announced on Sunday, we're starting up our summer-time "nights of awesomeness" for the church community, and the first one is a BBQ THURSDAY (tomorrow) at the Summit of East Rock! Come at 5pm to help with the grilling, and around 5.30pm to eat. ECV will be providing some hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinks, but please feel free to bring any other meat/sides that you'd like to eat and/or share!

We've seen how events like this can be really great opportunities to invite new people into our midst, so please feel free to bring friends as we enjoy the summer weather (tomorrow's supposed to be mostly sunny...fingers crossed!) and celebrate friendship and community.

To summarize:

East Rock Summit BBQ | Thursday, June 17th | 5pm to grill, 5.30pm to eat

Hope to see you there!

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