Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Following Jesus More and More Deeply

As we pray that more and more people would experience God's love and consider following Jesus, let's also be praying that "following Jesus" would be something we approach as a church with all the depth and seriousness that it demands.

Let's pray that we would see:

1) Deep discipleship in intimate community. Through homegroups, through smaller prayer groups, or just through friendships, our hope is that everyone in ECV is always looking to follow Jesus more deeply, to yield our lives more and more fully; and our conviction is that the location for that is in honest, loving community with one another.

2) People becoming known and valued, their gifts discovered and released. As we grow as a church, let's pray that God would indeed make us the kind of community that Paul describes in 1Cor, where each member of the body is valued and freed to play their role in the larger community. Pray for some folks in your homegroup, some of your friends in ECV, or someone you just met at church; ask that God would show you—show us—what gifts He's given them and how they're intended to build up the church.

3) Men's and women's groups that provide safe places in which we can challenge one another to follow Jesus more deeply.

4) Practical, deep, inspiring teaching. Pray for those who teach in any context in ECV, that we'd grow in being able to hear God's words and communicate them effectively to the church.

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