Friday, October 19, 2007

Exciting News

Over the last few weeks, there have been a bunch of major developments on the Elm City Vineyard front. Homegroups have been multiplied, a worship gathering has been organized, Grace and Jeremy have at last revealed Atticus, Sunny has run a deadly marathon, Kathy and Caleb have performed a wedding, and so much more. Never a dull moment!
It is now time for the next major event to happen...the official SENDING-OUT of the Elm City Vineyard from the New Haven Vineyard church.

Sunday, November 4th is "Commissioning Sunday" at New Haven Vineyard. As part of that Sunday meeting, the Elm City Vineyard will be officially blessed, prayed for, and sent out as a community with the charge to go and see the inbreaking of the Kingdom in the city of New Haven. This is an important event in the life of our community, marking our official departure from the New Haven Vineyard with blessing, enthusiasm, and probably some tears. It is the spiritual equivalent of going off to college, with all that that entails (minus the mini-fridge).

So, the breakdown:

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4th @ New Haven Vineyard Sunday AM Service
Elm City Vineyard will be officially "sent out " as a church plant.
It will be our last Sunday at NHV and the following Sunday, November 11th will be our first official Sunday as the Elm City Vineyard.
We will be meeting in United Church on the Green (just like last time) for a time of worship, communion, teaching, and prayer.

Mark your calendars!

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