Friday, June 12, 2015

What's Happening at ECV

A Mature Freedom
Last Sunday, Josh wrapped up our 'Vision' series with a call to share that a different world is possible. Listen here. This week, we start a whole new summer teaching series on Paul's Letter to the Galatians. Paul, too, believed that a different world is possible. His letter shares how the Gospel - the story of Jesus' saving actions towards all of humanity - "set[s] us free from this present evil age." What's so evil about Paul's time? Paul argues in Galatians that the forces of the law - cultural, structural, and even religious - enslave humanity as we try to justify ourselves through some kind of adherence to the law, our works. What if there was another way? One where the Gospel opened up a path to experience a mature freedom that led to increased love for God and neighbor? That path of trust is the invitation Galatians has for us. Come and check out more on Sunday!
Summer Bible Study
Wednesdays @ 8pm

This summer, we will take time to explore Galatians in-depth and in community through our next teaching series starting this Sunday and an accompanying bible study starting tonight. As rhythms change in the summer, this is a great way to go deeper with God and with one another as we focus on a text. Galatians is a short, but dense letter. Come tonight and help us unpack what God is saying through it. The Bible Study will take place Wednesdays at 8pm at 47 Dyer St starting 6/10.
Neighborhood Challenge 
Prayer walk 6/13 @ 10:30

ECV recently decided to stay in Dwight/Kensington for the month of June as we continue the New Haven Neighborhood Challenge. Please pray for the good work God is doing in this community. If you wan't an "on the ground" experience praying for the neighborhood, please come to a prayer walk and tour this Saturday (6/13),
10:30 am starting at 66 Kensington st., Josh and Tina's house. 
Spiritual Direction Training
Interest Dinner 6/13 4pm

A Spiritual Director is someone who facilitates a conversation between God, the director, and the directee. This conversation focuses on helping the directee discern and respond to God's presence and activity in his/her life. The director simply hosts the space through empathic listening, insightful questioning, and prayerful silence.
If you are interested in this type of ministry and would like to become a Spiritual Director, then you should attend the interest dinner on 6/13 at 4pm130 Pembroke Rd, Hamden. RSVP to Josh


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