Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What's Happening at ECV

Transition and Vision

This past Sunday, we made a big announcement about pastoral transitions in the church, shared where ECV is headed, and how we discerned these changes as a community!  You can hear the full story from many voices and teams here.  We are thankful for how we are moving forward and how God has been with us in this process.  In this next season of ECV, Josh Williams is stepping into the role of full-time Lead Pastor.  Matt will take a sabbatical this fall and take on a new pastoral role under Josh's leadership in January. Hannah will continue to serve as Family Pastor this fall, take a sabbatical next spring, and then invest her professional energies outside of ECV after finishing her Masters of Social Work in May.  We have seen God's hand in this transition, and we are thankful for your prayer and support.

For the next couple weeks, Josh will be sharing the vision he feels is God's next step for ECV and our life together.  Whether you're a longtime ECVer or just checking the church out, come hear about where God is taking our community next!

About The Transition

As a reminder, on Sunday we mentioned that one way to contribute to the ongoing discernment of how to adjust ECV’s leadership structure to fit with having a full-time lead pastor is through e-mailing and talking to the transition team.  The transition team includes David Batcheck, Tracie Cheng, Asha Evans, John Hartley, Todd Kennedy, Chris Macky, Shyla Powell, and Katie Smith.  They invite you to join our church in this season of discernment and any of them would love to talk to you about how ECV can transition well in this season.  You can reach them at

Let's Pray Together

Through this transition, we have been reminded of the necessity of prayer.  Please pray for us to be unified as a church community.  Pray for our church as we mature and grow together.  Pray for Josh and Tina as Josh provides increased leadership for ECV.  Pray for each of the staff, elders, and transition team as they move forward.  Additionally, please pray for favor and grace for all of us to transition well as we welcome new friends, families, and partners at ECV in the next several months.

Chapel on the Green

Sunday, August 17th
11:05am to make lunches and/or 1:20pm for setting up lunches & service @ United Church on the Green 

Chapel on the Green is a liturgical service that serves lunch to many of our brothers and sisters who live outside. This Sunday, ECV along UCG and UCC Shalom will help prepare the meal for the CotG service; come and make sandwiches with us before our Sunday Gathering! Contact Hannah ( if you're interested. We will meet at 11:05am to make sandwiches.  At 1:20, we will set up for lunch and the service.  Feel free to come to either time or both.

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