Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What's Happening at ECV

Fear Doesn't Win...

Fear can threaten to grip us at almost any moment.  We can give it the power to paralyze us, control us, or overwhelm us.  Simply wanting to be unafraid usually just makes us more aware of our failures.  But there is another way.  God tells His people over and over again, "do not be afraid."  God seems to understand our fear, but He doesn't let it define us or keep Him from asking us to push forward.  Overcoming our fear is one of the basic costs of the Kingdom.  Thankfully in this Kingdom, fear doesn't win.  Come hear more as we continue our series this Sunday.

Evenings at ECV: Four Factors of Risk Taking

Immediately followingSunday Gathering

During the month of May, we will hold Evenings at ECV to foster a space to engage risk-taking and Spirit-empowered ministry at our church. We want to create an open, questions-friendly, practice-oriented space to explore how to do this well as a community. During this series we will discuss four factors in taking risks in the context of ministry. This Sunday, Manirah Agans will lead a discussion focusing on growing in faith. Please RSVP to Josh if you plan to attend.

Uganda 2014

Josh and Tina and the rest of the ECV team going to Uganda (Julian Reid, Chris Gill, and Wes Chavis) have one last Sunday with us before leaving for a little over a month! As we send them off, we will bless them in prayer this Sunday at church. They will also share a few stories about why they're going on this trip and what they'll be up to. If you want to contribute financially to the trip or provide summer clothing for Ugandan kids aged 2-8, please do so! You can still give financially by bringing cash or a check to church on Sunday. The team really appreciates your support.

ECV Administrator

Qualified members of our community are encouraged to apply to the ECV Administrator position. The job description is here. The position has significant independence and will require someone who is both collaborative for work leading teams and supporting the staff and who also excels with minimal supervision. The role is crucial to the smooth operations of the church and is an exciting way to be closely involved with our life and ministry together.
To apply: Send a cover letter and resume to 
by Friday, May 23
Ideal start date: Mid-July

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