Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What's Happening at ECV

Transformation through Reconciliation 

Last week Matt continued our series on "12 Steps to Transformation" by looking at how we can invite God to heal our moral defects. It may be rather obvious how to make amends if you have taken money from someone - but how ought we approach reconciliation for the intangible ways we hurt one another? John and Jen Hartley will team-teach Steps 8 and 9 as we continue our journey of personal transformation.

Artist Circle

Monday, April 7th
546 Chapel St.

Are you a Writer? Songwriter? Painter? Poet? Sculptor? Photographer? Musician? Designer?
Join us Monday night. Bring one piece of art to share with the circle, as well as any instruments or supplies you need to do some creating on the spot. That simple!

ECV + Agape Breakfast

Sunday, April 13th
Trinity Lutheran Church

Agape Church is a community of housed and unhoused people seeking God together.  A core group of ECVers serve this church and would like to invite you to participate as part of our ECV City Initiative.  On Sundaymorning, April 13th, ECV and Agape will share breakfast at8am at Trinity Lutheran Church at the corner of Orange and Wall. Join us! If you'd like to volunteer with food prep and serving for this event, e-mail Josh

ECV After Hours

Strivers Row

Thank you so much for attending ECV After Hours featuring the Strivers Row!  The show was rich, entertaining, and challenging. The Strivers were thankful for our community and the risks they took with us.  We look forward to hosting more events like this during our After Hours slot.  If you have ideas for future After Hours events, e-mail Josh.

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