Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What's Happening at ECV

Kingdom Cafe
Friday, November 22nd

United Church on the Green 
The Kingdom Cafe is an open mic outreach event to provide a safe space for the youth of New Haven to express themselves through poetry and song. Momentum in building as more and more teens discover this unique venue for artistic expression. To get involved, contact George
Ways you can help:
-Bake something great for the kids to eat
-Help with set up, break down and pre-event prayer (be there at 3pm)
-Come and interacting with the kids that are present
-Present a piece of art (poem, drawing, song)
-Invite teenagers that you know

Receiving the Gift of Limits

Sunday, Matt continued our current teaching series, Receiving the Gift of Limits. The talk focused on the limit of rest and considered God's purpose for us in observing Sabbath.  If you missed it, it's online here. Have you ever felt discouraged, waiting for God to act or intervene? Thiscoming Sunday, Josh Williams will teach on the limit of God's timing in our lives.  

Uganda 2014

Josh and Tina Williams traveled to Uganda last June with Intervarsity for a cross cultural service trip, and it was an amazing experience!  This coming June, Josh and Tina are returning and looking for ECV participants, current students and beyond.  If you are interested, please e-mail Josh for more details and check out the blog from last year to get a feel for the trip.

Spectacular Night of Music!

Thanks to all who came out on Sunday to support Tina Colón Williams and Julian Reid and their Jazz ensemble, JuDope Group. It was a night of amazing music with a wonderful spirit of community in the crowd. In case you couldn't make it, here is a taste of JuDope Group's offerings. 

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