Friday, June 1, 2012

This week at ECV

Man Fire
June 2nd, 8pm
530 Norton Pkway

You've been waiting. You've been wondering, "What is a Man Fire?" A Man Fire is, well, it's a fire. Men are invited. Come hang out and get to know some of the other men in the church. Bring a snack, a drink and a friend. 

Artist Circle
June 4th, 7pm
546 Chapel St. 

Are you a Writer? Songwriter? Painter? Poet? Sculptor? Photographer? Musician? Designer?
Join us Monday night. Bring one piece of art to share with the circle, as well as any instruments or supplies you need to do some creating on the spot. That simple!

Kingdom Cafe
Friday, June 8th
4:30pm-6:30pm @ UCG

The Kingdom Cafe is an open mic event for the youth of New Haven.
Ways you can help:
-Providing snacks
-Set-up and/or prayer
-Engaging with the kids
-Presenting a piece of art 
-Inviting teenagers
Contact George to get involved

Baptism Celebration 

On Saturday we had the honor of standing with Jill Arthur as she took a public step of faith by being baptized. It was a celebration of God's grace and intervention in her life and in the lives of all who are on the same jouney of following Jesus. 

On Deck

ECV on Kensington - June 10th, 4pm

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