Sunday, January 22, 2012

ECV Sprouts Volunteer Signup!

***Sign-Up to Volunteer for ECV Sprouts!*** (Click Link to Google Form Here)

Here at ECV we give you many opportunities to join in with what God is doing here in our church community, in our city, and in our world. We do this because we believe that God is using these opportunities to form us (both as individuals and as a community) as the people He wants us to be.

This is my challenge to youJoin the ECV Sprouts Team! Teach kids what it is to love and follow Jesus. And in the process experience how God transforms you! The kids need you—they can't teach themselves—though you'll probably learn a thing or two from them.

We have a few different ways that you can be involved:
  • ECV Sprouts Teachers teach at one month intervals (but not more than 3 times a year) on a team of 3 teachers (one for each age group) who will work together to plan exciting lessons based on a curriculum that will engage the kids and also teach them more about prayer, ministry, and  following Jesus! (It's OK if you can't teach the entire month, if you have to miss a week or so, you can sub with other teachers...) - Teachers help create stability, consistency, and support for our children in the classrooms... Plus, it's a great way to get to know our adorable kids!
  • ECV Sprouts Helpers assist the Teachers at weekly intervals (about once a week every 5 or 6 weeks, depending on the number of helpers).
  • ECV Worship Leaders engage the kids in a kid-friendly worship time (usually during the announcements time upstairs), helping our kids to experience God through musical worship!
So, maybe you're thinking, I'm interested... What should I do NOW?- Sign-up to Volunteer for ECV Sprouts!

For more info about ECV Sprouts visit:

Hope you can join us in continuing to help our children learn to love and follow Jesus!

Last but not least: Thanks so all who have dedicated their time to loving our kids and teaching them to become ever-growing followers of Jesus! (Also, thanks to those who signed up last Sunday - I'll be contacting you shortly about joining in!) - If you are currently volunteering or signed up to volunteer already, you don't have to sign-up again.

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