Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This Week at ECV: 11/30-12/6

This Week
  • Worship Encounter Night: Friday, 12/2 - at United Church on the Green, 8:00pm
  • ECV Potluck: Sunday, 12/4 - downstairs after the service
  • Artist Circle Meeting: Monday, 12/5 - at 546 Chapel Street., 7:00pm
  • Kingdom Cafe: Saturday, 12/10 - at New Haven YMCA, 8:00pm

The Scoop

Worship Encounter Night: Come for a night of worship and prayer co-sponsored by ECV and United Church of Westville.

ECV Potluck: Join us after church for a potluck dinner in honor of our ministry partner, Audrey Lin. While we dine Audrey will share more of her experiences in Taiwan, and we will have a time of prayer and blessing to send her back into her work. Bring yourself, bring your family, and bring a friend! Check the instructions below to see how you can contribute to the dinner.

1. If your Last Name starts with the letters N-Z: Bring a Main Dish for 8 - 10 people
(ex. Casseroles, Soups, Lasagna, Stir Fry, etc. - Vegetarian & Gluten free dishes would be great as well!)
2. If your Last Name starts with G-M: Bring a side dish for 8-10 people (ex. salads, veggies, fruit, potato dishes, etc)
3. Last Name starts with A-F: Bring a Dessert for 8 - 10 people
4. No Kitchen?: Bring a drink or a few dollars to contribute to the miscellaneous costs of the dinner.
* Help us reduce waste by bringing your own tableware if you are able.

Artist Circle
Are you a Writer? Songwriter? Painter? Poet? Sculptor? Photographer? Musician? Designer?
Join us Monday night - 7:00pm at 546 Chapel St. Bring one piece of art to share with the circle, as well as any instruments or supplies you need to do some creating on the spot. That simple!

Kingdom Cafe
The youth ministry team is hosting a Spoken Word open mic night on Saturday, December 10th at the New Haven YMCA, 52 House Street, at 8:00pm.
If you would like to help out, please contact
George Black at 203-508-4834 or george@elmcityvineyard.org by December 4th.

On Deck
  • Christmas Outreach with New Haven Vineyard and CCA's Stepping Stone Transitional Housing

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