Friday, July 1, 2011

Give Generously! - ECV Helps Fund & Wish List

  • Give to folks in need within the ECV community via the ECV Helps Fund and Wish List
  • Have a need or know someone that does? Email

At ECV, we are committed to helping each other in our church community. In fact, we created the ECV Helps Team and ECV Helps Wish List in order to provide some structure for discernment and the disbursement of funds and materials that will assist those among us with pressing needs. This past fiscal year (since last July), we have given over $2000 and fulfilled most of our material requests on the ECV Helps Wish List so far! Thanks so those of you who have given so generously to those with material needs in our community!

We just wanted to let you know that there are now TWO specific ways to give through ECV Helps to those with pressing needs!

1. ECV Helps Fund: The Helps Fund allows us to provide financial assistance to those with specific, urgent needs - In the past, we have been able to assist with medical bills, utility payments, phone payments, etc. The ECV Helps Team has a discernment subgroup that allows us to provide funds (based on what is available) in a timely manner to those who need it.

In order for us to continue to give generously to those of us with monetary needs, please prayerfully consider giving to the ECV Helps Fund in addition to your regular giving. If you would like to give, just write "ECV Helps" on the memo line of your check and put it in the Cans of Love on a Sunday OR write "ECV Helps" in the Comments section if you're giving online.

2. ECV Helps Wish List: The Helps Wish List is for specific material needs within our community (e.g. a bike for transportation to work, a suit for a job interview, toiletries or baby supplies that food stamps can't cover, etc.). We collect these material requests and then on a bi-monthly basis (as needed), we email the church with the Wish List requests and make sure to arrange for items to be picked up and delivered to those who have requested them. Please be on the lookout for items on the Helps Wishlist that you might be able to donate!

Just so you know: The Wish List differs from a request on the Community List in that all Wish List requests are anonymous and the items on the Wish List are for pressing needs only.

If you, or someone in ECV that you know, would like to request assistance from the Church in either of these ways, please email, and we will make sure to prayerfully discern and address your request in a timely manner.

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