Sunday, June 19, 2011



Prayer Walk @ SCSU
Friday, 6/23 @ noon
Student Center (345 Fitch)
meet at the 2nd Floor Dunkin Donuts

As many of you will know, through the ministry of ECVers Tom Sharp and Leon Powell, ECV partners with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship's work on Yale, Western Connecticut State, and Southern Connecticut State's campuses. InterVarsity's goal is to build witnessing communities on these campuses that will help students encounter the reality and love of God. As is the case whenever we aim to partner with God, perhaps the most important thing we can do is pray.

To that end, ECVer Jasmine Wilborne writes to invite us to participate in a prayer walk to seek God's best for the SCSU campus:
In response to a recent InterVarsity retreat, I and a few other Southern Christian Fellowship (SCF) members have decided to hold a prayer walk at Southern. For the past years Southern has been consumed by darkness most readily identifiable through: suicide, sexual and physical assaults, alcohol abuse, financial issues, stress, racism, assault against the LGBTQ Community etc. We want to call on God to help us, through the Light of Jesus Christ, to expel the darkness so that this upcoming fall, SCF can partner with God to reclaim lives unto Him. 
EVERYONE IS INVITED AND WELCOME TO BRING FRIENDS! The Prayer Walk is on Friday, June 23 beginning at 12 p.m. @ 2nd Floor Dunkin Donuts in The Adjanti Student Center (345 Fitch Street, New Haven). Come ready to interact with God in a hands-on and creative manner, seek the Lord, worship in his name and intercede for our local University! There will be light refreshments served! 
Parking is available in front of the Adjanti Student Center: It says 30 minute parking, but this is not enforced.
So, if you're flexible during the day or could even strategically time a lunch break, I would encourage you to come join us as we pray for God's best for New Haven's largest university.

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