Friday, June 3, 2011

ECV @ Agape 6/5

Agape Church for the Homeless
This Sunday, 6/5
9am behind United Church on the Green

As the temperature rises, Agape Church for the Homeless leaves its usual home of Trinity Lutheran Church to travel to the Green, right behind United Church. We also move back an hour to 9am! This will last until the end of the Summer. ECVers are always welcome to Agape, but we try to select one Sunday a month for newcomers to experience what God is doing at Agape. Now, you also get one more hour of sleep. :)

We're on our second to last teaching from our series on the fruit of the Spirit. We'll be looking at Goodness on Sunday. Specifically, we will reflect on how trusting and experiencing that God is good changes how we view the world, other people, and, of course, God. Come enjoy the warmth, the community, and breakfast at Agape on the Green this Sunday.

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