Wednesday, April 13, 2011

West River Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday (4/16)!

West River Easter Egg Hunt
THIS Saturday (4/16) from 11am - 1pm
West River Memorial Park Rugby Field
(near the Corner of Derby Ave. and Ella Grasso Blvd.)

Bring your Kids! Or Volunteer to Help Out (email Hannah)!

Just sent out an email about this before, but this is a fun event that we'll be co-sponsoring with the West River Neighborhood Services Corporation and we hope you can join us!

On Saturday morning, there will be an "healthy-alternative easter egg" hunt - meaning that the eggs will be filled with fun toys, stickers, stationery items, etc. instead of candy/chocolates, which is great if you're getting tired of all the sugar for your kids!

In addition to hunting eggs, there will be relay races and games, easter bag decoration, healthy snacks, a DJ and tons of fun!  ALSO: At the same time, right on the basketball courts next to egg-hunting grounds, there will be the "Hoopin' Not Shootin" Basketball Tournament Kickoff which is open to Teens (11+ yrs), so this will truly be FUN FOR ALL AGES!

If you would like to join me in volunteering for this event (we're even having an egg-stuffing party the day before!), please email Hannah.

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