Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sunday Guest Speaker: Bob Ekblad

This Sunday at ECV we will have a guest speaker: Bob Ekblad, Executive Director of Tierra Nueva Ministries in Burlington, WA. Bob's talk will be "Being with God Being with the Poor," continuing our series on Spiritual Practices.

Bob has an amazing life story that weaves together pursuit of social justice, engagement with the power of the Holy Spirit, and vibrant scholarship. Bob has been a blessing to ECV in a homegroup context in the past and was one of the keynote speakers at this year's Society of Vineyard Scholars conference. Gideon, Josh, Hannah, and I have visited Bob's ministry in Washington and were inspired and challenged. Heck, even the coffee we have on Sundays is sourced through a fair trade agriculture project started by Tierra Nueva.

Bob is a friend and there's a partnership that God is building between our communities. In the spirit of what we said about giving this past Sunday, we will take a special offering to support Tierra Nueva's ministry, so be ready for that.

All to say, come on Sunday and invite some folks to come with you.

In addition, Bob will be doing a whole bunch of things you may want to connect to:

  • "Pursuing Social Justice Sustained by the Spirit" - Saturday, 4/9 @ 7:30pm, Dwight Hall Chapel
  • Preaching at Agape Church for the Homeless, Sunday, 4/10 @ 8am, Trinity Lutheran Church
  • Prayer and Worship (more extended time of prayer ministry), Sunday, 4/10 @ 7:45pm, Dwight Hall Chapel

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