Sunday, February 13, 2011

ECV Community Dinners

As was announced in service last Sunday, we are going to be starting up ECV Community Dinners in the coming weeks! These dinners are designed to be an opportunity for people who haven't yet had a real opportunity to get to know each other to spend some time doing just that. And we've found that one of the best ways to facilitate conversation and relationship is through food.

We've created two online forms, one for Hosting and the other for Being Hosted.

The idea is that some people can sign up to host (and you can limit how many people you're comfortable having over), providing a meal for some folks within the community as an opportunity to get to know them. You can work out the details with the people you are matched with (the staff will go through the submissions and try to put people together who don't know each other, based on mutual availability) of who will bring what, what time and day you'll share a meal together, etc.

Others can sign up to be hosted, and can put down important information about allergies, access to cars, availability, etc.

You should know that it's also totally ok to sign up for both! We sincerely hope that this will increase the sense of community within ECV, and provide everyone the chance to get to know someone that they might not have even met before. As we try to get this first set of community dinners set up, please try to submit the online form by February 23rd!

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