Friday, February 25, 2011

ECV @ Agape 2/27

THIS Sunday, 2/27
8am @ Trinity Lutheran (Orange & Wall)

Join fellow ECVers this Sunday in what God is doing at Agape Church for the Homeless. This community is becoming a blend of the jobless and homeless and those who are curious to what God has for those on the margins. We're discovering God's heart for placing the lonely into families and we realize that's a promise for all people, not just a few.

At Agape, we come together to worship and discuss a God who desires to heal our wounds and addictions. We also see that God likes us even when we don't like ourselves. We have been going through the book of Mark, and it has been fun to react to Jesus' sayings and actions in our conversational teachings. Even though anyone is welcome to join us every week at 8, we want to provide a monthly opportunity for ECVers to see what God is doing at Agape. This Sunday come and be a part of this ongoing partnership and see what God has for you.

Additionally, if there's any way you seek to contribute to this partnership by way of ideas, resources or questions, then please let me know at

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