Thursday, December 9, 2010

ECV @ Agape 12/12

THIS Sunday, 12/12
8am @ Trinity Lutheran (Orange & Wall)

Have you heard the buzz? I kept hearing ECVers talking about all the great stuff God's doing at Agape Church for the Homeless, the church led by ECVers like Josh Williams, Tina Colón, Juliet Buesing, Gideon Mausner, Eoin Burke, and Alan Wesson, along with Agape Church founder Jackie Yu. If you came to Gideon's baptism last year, you heard that Agape was a significant space in which he first encountered God.

I kept hearing all these great things… so, last Sunday, I finally went to see for myself. And what I found was an amazing space in which God was honored, community was built between people from very different walks of life, and the Spirit was at work. This was no "service project"; this was the Body of Christ, including the "least of these, [Jesus'] brothers and sisters." Tina led a discussion of Mark 5 and there was wisdom in that room and real wrestling with who Jesus is and what it means to have faith in Him. But perhaps most impacting were the stories of God's faithfulness in difficult, even impossible circumstances. And, like we do at ECV, we ended with a time praying for folks who responded to what it seemed God was doing in the room. 

We've spent a lot of time this semester reflecting on what it looks like to follow Jesus in the city. What I experienced Sunday was an exhilarating step in that direction…

So, look, every week you have an opportunity to join the folks at Agape in friendship, in pursuit of Jesus. But I know sometimes it takes special encouragement to do even what you're already convinced will be a good thing… to say nothing of doing it at 8am on a Sunday. So, once a month, we're going to extend a special invitation to check out what God's doing at Agape with other ECVers. 

This Sunday, 12/12, is this month's ECV @ Agape week. Come, connect with other ECVers and with what God's doing at Agape.  

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