Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Cause to Die For | A Young Adults Conference

A Cause to Die For
Worcester, MA
November 12-13
Cost: $25
We are all giving our lives to something, whether we realize it or not—which cause are you serving with your life?
Next weekend (11/12-13), Jay Pathak will be speaking at a Vineyard conference for young adults (defined as ages 17-30) in Worcester, MA. Having just recently spent a week hanging out with Jay, I can say without hesitation that it'd be worth making plans to go up and hear him speak. Jay and his wife planted a Vineyard church out in Denver, and have learned a ton in the process about what it means to follow Jesus in the city. Basically, Jay just loves people and believes God does, too. And his passion is to help folks learn how to become people who love people—and by extension, neighborhoods and whole cities—well.

So, basically, here's the deal: If you're under 30, if it all possible, make plans to get up to Worcester next weekend. It will be well worth the trip.

More from the conference website:
Jesus said that to save our lives, we must lose it. God is looking for people who are willing to lose their lives, to lay them down, for the sake of Jesus. You are invited to 2 days of intense soul searching and seeking of God’s will for our lives. We will be asking God to challenge us and move us out of our comfort zones. There will be worship, prayer, prophecy, and ministry as we share together in God’s stories of faithfulness and power in our lives. Come take a second look at God’s purpose and destiny for your life.

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