Sunday, August 29, 2010

Christian-Muslim Relations Conference (Sept. 17 & 18)

A Vineyard Approach to Blessing Muslims 
September 17 & 18
Morris Plains, New Jersey
$40 (scholarships available)

Christian-Muslim relations comprise one of the momentous challenges of the 21st century. The threat of violent extremism, negative stereotypes of Muslims, and ignorance have caused the church to shrink back from Jesus' commands to love and to make disciples. How can we be agents of peace and faithfully bear witness to Christ in such a polarized world?

Many in the ECV community (e.g. the folks at ECV partner Pathways for Mutual Respect) have long sensed God's call to engage these questions and to live out courageous answers to them. I see more and more that God is indeed calling all of us as a community to take steps forward in following Jesus in this conflict.

So I'd really encourage you to consider going to a conference put together by former ECVers Rick & Fran Love as well as dear friends Grace Schmelzer, David Johnston and others. It's being hosted at the Morris Plains Vineyard; they're calling it A Vineyard Approach to Blessing Muslims, which means it'll basically be a Jesus-following approach to blessing our Muslim neighbors near and far. It's coming up soon (September 17 & 18), so make your plans now to attend.

I know for sure that Steve & Tamara Fitzgerald are going as are John & Jen; you can talk to them if you have further questions or whatnot.

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