Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ECV Mid-Week Summer Fun!

As you may have heard - ECV Homegroups (for the most part) are either taking a break for the summer or just meeting a bit less frequently - but this gives us a great opportunity to mix-it-up and gather together for some ECV Mid-Week Summer Fun!

Below is a quick list of Mid-Week Events that we are planning on doing this summer - We will be sending more info/reminders for each of these events (they are also on our ECV Calendar in the sidebar of our blog) - but we also thought it might be helpful to see the whole list and get excited about what's going on this summer!

ECV Mid-Week* Summer Events:
*OK, so some of the events are on the weekend... but they're still fun!

TODAY. (6/30): ECV Artists' Circle - 5:45 pm at 546 Chapel St. #1
- Gather with fellow artists (visual, music, etc.) for inspiration, collaboration... and dinner...

TODAY. (6/30): Ice Cream-Off - 7:30pm at 290 Fountain St.
- Make (or Bring) Ice Cream. Eat Ice Cream. Win Prizes.

7/9 - 7/10 (Fri. & Sat.): ECV "Life with a Living God" Summer Conference! - at United Church
- A practical workshop on "Worship, Justice, and Prophesy" - Register online at:

7/18 (Sun.): "Church on the Green" Service Opportunity - Starting at 12:00noon, behind Trinity Episcopal Church on the Green
- Help create lunches to serve to the homeless in our city! Then, join them for worship & serve lunch!

7/22 (Thurs.): Spiritual Gifts Assessment Workshop - 7:30pm, Location TBA
- In conjunction with our "Spiritual Gifts" Teaching Series on Sunday, come to a practical workshop to discover your own gifts and how to use them to better serve our community!

7/26 (Mon.): ECV Prayer Ministry Training - 7:00pm at 290 Fountain St.
- Learn and Practice our Prayer Ministry Model ("Listening Prayer") - Essential for those who want to join our Prayer Ministry Team!

7/29 (Thurs.): Picnic Dinner on the Beach! - 6:00pm at Branford Beach
- Sun, Sand, Surf, Food, Fun on the Beach... ECV-style...

8/13 (Fri.): Outdoor Summer Movie & Conversation - 8pm at 171 Norton St.
- Enjoy a thought-provoking outdoor summer movie experience followed by great conversation with friends!

8/24 (Tues.): BBQ! - 6:00pm at 532 Norton St.
- As summer draws to a close, enjoy more grilled food and backyard fun!

NOTE: Times & Locations may change, so stay tuned!

Also: Feel free to invite friends! The more the merrier!

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