Monday, April 5, 2010

Acts Bible Guide--Now online!

Yesterday at Sunday gathering, we made the exciting announcement that we would continue reading scripture together, this time making our way through the Acts of the Apostles. The teaching team is going to be teaching through this very same book in the coming weeks, and we thought it could be cool if we were reading along. The passages that we're reading and the ones that are being taught on Sundays are going to get out of sync very quickly, but never fear! It'll be fun to see familiar passages being taught (since you'll have read them recently) and we'll still be reading together in community, which is part of the joy of the experience.

The study guide is available online, via daily email (subscribe at the study guide site), RSS, or downloadable pdfs.

So please join us in reading through Acts in the coming weeks. We're really excited to see what God will continue to do as we encounter Him in scripture.

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