Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Share Your Story & Listen to God in Community

The past few months at ECV, we have shared testimonies of God’s activity in our lives during Sunday gatherings. From providing physical and emotional healing and meeting financial needs, God is showing up and making a positive impact in our lives. As we continue to seek a living and active God to meet us regularly, we hope and desire that God will answer that call even more. We want to hear these stories and we want to provide opportunities for folks to share them. If you have a testimony, please send it to stories@elmcityvineyard.org. We’ll be in contact with you about how we plan to celebrate God’s presence among us!

Additionally, if some of the testimonies and messages you’ve heard at ECV have made you more curious about hearing God’s voice and practicing that, then I definitely encourage you to check out any of the homegroups we have during the week. Our goal is for these groups to be places where we can encounter God’s presence and share what God is doing in our lives. Regularly listening to God is a commitment that shows up in the ecv community covenant, and we strongly desire that the covenant is accessible to everyone. Conveniently, the Thursday homegroup led by Marilyn de Guehery, the Maskells, and me will be downsized due to students’ spring break, so we’re particularly up for hosting any one who might have questions about how God speaks or want to practice hearing from God in community. It meets at 180 Colony Rd at 7:30pm. I hope to see folks there and to continue to hear how God is moving.

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