Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Picnic & Kickball CANCELLED

Picnic & Kickball CANCELLED

In case you missed it Sunday: This summer, while most homegroups are on break, we're going to be gathering every Thursday for Thursdays of Awesomeness. What will be happening? Well, different things every week. Some weeks we'll use as part of a mid-week teaching mini-series ("The One Thing" group–more coming); other weeks will simply be times to connect with one another and enjoy the summer.

This week, the plan got rained out… but if you're still looking for some food and people to share it with, you could try stopping by the International Refugee Day events sponsored by IRIS over at Luce Hall on Yale's campus or bring your picnic dinner and stop by Hannah & Matt's place at 79 Maple Street #1 in New Haven. We'll scare up some indoor games (is it possible to play kickball on a Wii?!) and connect with one another; feel free to come by anytime between 6 and 9pm.

Stay dry…

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