Monday, June 29, 2009

Giving on the Green: Sharing Your Wednesday Lunch

Every Wednesday 12:30pm
Slifka Center en route to New Haven Green

Got a free lunch break this summer? Every Wednesday afternoon at 12:30pm people meet at the Slifka Center (80 Wall Street) and walk to the New Haven Green where we give out bagged lunches and drinks to anyone who asks for them. People recognize our faces and the brown boxes we carry. Those in need often ask for someone to pray with them and relationships form from week to week as many people gather around a bench and talk with us. If you are interested in this type of outreach, please consider joining us one Wednesday. It’d be great to have ECVers joining this larger city effort. Hope to see folks in the main lobby at the Slifka Center on Wednesday.

Every Wednesday 5:30pm
Phelps Gate en route to Columbus House

There is another opportunity for community outreach called Nightrunners that takes place on Wednesday nights at 5:30pm. Nightrunners is a local ministry that visits Columbus House, a homeless shelter in New Haven. We talk with residents about their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs over dinner and orient them towards resources available at Columbus House while fostering relationships. We meet at Phelps Gate (344 College Street) at 5:30pm and drive to Columbus House (586 Ella T. Grasso Boulevard; you can drive yourself if that’s easier). If you’re interested in either opportunity call Josh at 317.522.7179 or e-mail him. 

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