Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ordination Service for Audrey Lin - June 6th

Ordination Service for Audrey Lin
St. John's Episcopal Church (400 Humphrey Street)
Saturday, 6/6, 7:00-8:30pm

As you all may know, in July we will be sending Audrey Lin to work with an OMF team among Taiwan’s urban marginalized people. While the Church has made some inroads in Taiwan, this progress has been limited almost completely to the Westernized upper class, leaving the working-class and poor unreached by the gospel. Audrey’s work will focus on reaching the homeless, prostitutes, AIDS patients and the like.

As an expression of our support and an affirmation of God's call to her, we will be ordaining Audrey as a Cross-Cultural Minister of the Gospel (feel the power) this Saturday evening at 7pm at St. John's Episcopal. It will be a great time of sharing stories about the work God has done through Audrey in her time in our community and blessing and praying for her. Please come and join us.

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